250 Amp high output alternator for GM Truck 05-13

MSRP: $499.00
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17.00 LBS

The Elite series offers the highest possible amperage and durability available in a large case alternator. 6 phase technology combined with massive twin rectifier assemblies and 12 diodes makes these alternators totally durable for daily use, while still maintaining great output. This unit will achieve 180 amps at engine idle speeds and a full 250 amps at vehicle cruising speeds. This unit comes with a standard diameter pulley, making it perfect for high RPM and racing use.

*** THESE 2 PIN ALTERNATORS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH EXTERNAL REGULATORS. These are built as plug/play operation with the vehicles 2pin RVC controlled regulator. For serious audio systems over 2,000 watts, please contact a sales rep about bypassing the RVC function for more stable voltage. (no extra cost) ***

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    Awesome power factory for when you need that little extra

    C. Guthary | 7th Jul 2023

    I've had it installed on my 05 GMC Sierra 1500 for about a year now and no issues, no problems. It's performed reliably in the -20s of winter and 100s of summer. I started getting into car audio and quickly found myself slowing killing my battery at red lights. Especially if I had the A/C running full blast. This town just loves those red lights.
    I picked this unit because it uses the factory 2 pin plug setup and I didn't need a shorter belt. Even still using the factory RVC system it generally charges at 14.4v and rarely see the computer drop the output. I have seen it drop to 13v but kicking the stereo up or turning the A/C on will generally make it pop back up.
    I later switched the lead acid battery for a XS power D3400 and now the volts hardly even move.

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    Omega Ω | 18th Apr 2023

    Going from a 145A stock alt to this 250A MechMan alt made a HUGE difference.
    I do not see the Volt Meter dipping down alot anymore, even at 13V during those BIG bass drops, even at idle at stop lights!~
    But also having a XS Power D3400 helps as well, but this was the icing on the cake!~