H106 Indicator light harness for CS Female Plug To AD Male Plug Adapter


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This adapter harness is supplied with all MechMan hairpin alternators for 1988-1995 GM Trucks and SUV's. It accepts square/rectangle GM alternator plugs and then plugs into your vehicles harness. This harness is required in order to install certain high output alternators on GM trucks that originally came with a CS130 or CS144 alternator with a rectangular plug from the factory. This is common on most 1988-1995 GM trucks, as well as some later models equipped with the heavy-duty charging option.

The longer yellow wire gets connected to an ignition switched 12V+ source to turn the alternator on and off with the key, and also prevents the "check battery" light from coming on in the dash. This harness can also be modified and hardwired to ignition 12V+ for engine swap applications where the stock alternator harness is not available. This harness is included with all Mechman alternators that need this to function properly right out of the box. Not using this harness in the 6 phase style alternators we offer will generally create a low RPM no charge/battery light. If we include the harness, then you need the harness!

This is the same plug we include with every application that requires this harness. Due to varying vehicle options during these years, please double check your connector type to ensure you are getting the correct part for your needs.