1988 - 1992

  • 240 amp high output alternator 88-95 Tahoe C1500 Suburban

    The G series 240 amp alternator for 88-95 GM truck is based on a late model large case GM frame that has been custom machined to bolt in place of the original small frame CS130 alternator. Reasonably priced and very durable, these units feature solid...

    Was: $349.00

  • 240A racing alternator 88-95 GM truck mount - Chrome

    240A racing alternator 88-95 GM truck mount - Chrome

    The S series of 6 phase alternators offers incredible low RPM output in a compact and durable package. Highly efficient, these units use less horsepower than conventional 3 phase alternators. 12 diodes, twin rectifier plates and outstanding airflow...


  • 370 amp Elite series alternator for 88-95 GM Truck

    E Series The Elite series offers the highest possible amperage and durability available in a large case alternator. 6 phase technology combined with massive twin rectifier assemblies and 12 diodes makes these alternators totally durable for daily use,...

    Was: $699.00