250 Amp Elite Series Cast Alternator for GM Truck

250 Amp Elite Series Cast Alternator for GM Truck

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Most Alternators Are Custom Built To Order. Standard Build Time Is 2-3 Weeks. If You Need An Alternator Sooner Than That, Please Contact A Sales Associate To See If Any In-Stock Options Are Available.
17 LBS

The Elite series 250 amp alternator offers great output at idle RPM and excellent durability in a direct-bolt-in package. 6 phase technology, combined with massive twin rectifier assemblies and 12 diodes makes these alternators totally durable for daily use, while still maintaining great output at low RPM. These alternators will make 180 amps at engine idle speeds with a full 250 amp output at cruising speeds. This unit comes with an OEM diameter pulley, making it perfect for high RPM and racing use. NOTE: This unit may require a rectangle to oval adapter harness if your vehicle was equipped with the CS144 Heavy duty charging option from the factory. (this is not common) Ask a MechMan associate for assistance if you are unsure!

CADILLACEscalade5.7 / 6.0 / 6.299-04250a
CHEVROLETAvalancheAll Engines02-04250a
CHEVROLETCamaro5.0 / 5.798-02250a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado4.396-04250a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado4.899-04250a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado5.096-99250a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado5.399-04250a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado5.796-00250a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado6.099-04250a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado7.496-00250a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado8.101-05250a
CHEVROLETS-10 / Blazer 4.396-04 250a
CHEVROLETSSR5.3 / 6.003-06250a
CHEVROLETSuburbanAll Gas Engines96-04250a
CHEVROLETTahoe/Full Size BlazerAll Gas Engines 96-04250a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra4.396-04250a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra4.899-04250a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra5.096-99250a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra5.399-04250a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra5.796-00250a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra6.099-04250a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra7.496-00250a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra8.101-05250a
GMCS-15 4.396-04250a
GMCSuburbanAll Gas Engines96-04250a
GMCYukonAll Gas Engines 96-04250a
PONTIACFirebird5.0 / 5.798-02250a

3 Reviews

  • 250 amp alt
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    Posted by Kurt H on 20th Jul 2024

    I am not one to leave reviews but I am seriously impressed by the product I purchase and the staff at Mechman. I had a question between the 240 and 250 models and had an answer same day I want to say within the hour. The 250amp model clearly became the better value. The install was a breeze most importantly I am steady at 14 plus volts at idle even with a 120 degree ambient. The factory 145amp alt was barely managing to keep up at 11.9 volts with the same result out of China “253 amp” HO model. Don’twaste your time buy American made and enjoy all the POWER you’ll ever need.

  • I trust no other than Tony and the crew at MECHMAN!
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    Posted by Levi Matthews on 4th Sep 2023

    Tony and the crew at MECHMAN are the best! My alternator in my 1999 Chevy Tahoe went and the cost to do a stock radiator had gotten to be almost as much as an updated alternator. After doing much research and speaking with Tony via email, I decided to go with MECHMAN. I am so happy I did. Tony and the Crew at MECHMAN answered all my questions and helped me out. The Alternator fit perfectly. Under their advice, I changed out the Idler Pulley and the Belt Tensioner. Little did I realize that GM changed the pulley diameter, increasing it, and so the stock belts no longer fit. I was able to find the right belt for the truck and the alternator goes an outstanding job. My altimeter in the truck reads between the first and second line after "14". I followed their instruction to the letter and it all came out well. The alternator is packaged in a good, stoudt box, and has everything you need. Wiring the alternator was a breeze. The pigtail was easy to hook into the underhood fuse panel for the ignition tap. The alternator runs smoothly and quietly. My truck now has all the power it needs for the accessories I want to install. I'm very happy. The overall transaction was fantastic. I highly recommend Tony and the Crew at MECHMAN. Their alternators are worth every penny! A+ 5*s. Thank you! I highly recommend.

  • 250 amp elite series
    star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate 5

    Posted by Allen on 12th Jun 2023

    Tony was phenomenal. I had questions and sent an email. Not only was the response email sent back with speed. The answers were genuine because his response based on experience. Not a salesperson hiding behind a desk. A real technician. I made a decision based on his feedback and purchased a large case alternator. In less than 48 hrs it was in my possession. Seasoned and experienced staff to go with a product that’s raised and held the benchmark in the industry is a win win scenario. Like most car people this purchase was for the daily driver with durability in mind. I have no problem buying again for the project truck.