320 Amp Alternator for Select 2.0/2.4L Hyundai and Kia (Single Wire Turn On)


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17 LBS

Installation Notes:

This unit comes equipped with a smaller 1.75-inch diameter alternator pulley and will require a slightly shorter drive belt for proper belt tension. A single wire on the provided pigtail gets connected to any ignition switched 12V+ source to turn the alternator on and off with the ignition switch. Simply run a properly sized positive and ground cable from the alternator to the terminals of the battery and the alternator will work perfectly.

The installation of this unit will cause the "check battery" light to stay on in the dash, however your vehicle will charge perfectly fine and at a much better mid/upper 14-volt range. This higher charge rate works great with higher performaning AGM style batteries for complete charging. Also works well with most Lithium type chemistries. Please consult your battery manufacturer for proper charging range specifications.

S Series

The S series of 6 phase alternators offers incredible output in a compact and durable package. Highly efficient, these units use less horsepower than conventional 3 phase alternators. 12 diodes, twin rectifier plates and outstanding airflow ensure long service life, even in severe conditions. The 240-amp model is a good balance between output at idle, and peak output at cruising speed. This unit works well for customers with larger stereo systems and stock engine redline RPM.