Refurbished 240 amp high output alternator – 2005-2012 GM V8 truck Gas engines


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17.00 LBS

Occasionally we get back alternators from customers on stock adjustments, exchanges, or warranty repairs, where the customer chooses to upgrade to a higher amperage unit. These alternators are used, but refurbished to like new condition and performance. They appear brand new, and have new rectifiers, regulators, bearings, and and rotors. Refurbished units come with a 90 day warranty, and can still be repaired inexpensively if the customer has a problem outside of the warranty period. This unit features a large case 3 phase construction with large press fit diodes, a copper rectifier plate, and a heavy duty 4 pin standard GM voltage regulator. These units make a minimum of 140 amps at idle with 240+ amps at cruising speed. (typically they make closer to 280 amps peak) These units are a great way to get big power on a budget. NOTE - Like most high output alternators these units come with a smaller pulley, and will require a slightly shorter than stock length belt, which can easily be purchased from your local autoparts store. This unit is not recommended for high RPM or racing use. If you are looking for a unit that is stable for higher RPM use, check out our 320 amp large case hairpin unit, part number 8302320.