320 Amp E Series Alternator for select Dodge V8 with single wire turn on


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17.00 LBS

Swap a 6.2l Hellcat or other great Dodge/Jeep engine? The Elite series 320 amp alternator offers great amperage output and durability at a great price. 6 phase technology, combined with massive twin rectifier assemblies and 12 huge diodes make these alternators totally durable for daily use. These impressive alternators produce 200+ at engine idle RPM and 320+ amps at cruising speeds HOT RATED. Like most high output alternators, this unit comes with a smaller diameter pulley, and may require a 1/2 inch shorter than stock length belt for proper belt tension in some applications. A P101 harness is included and gets connected to any ignition switched 12V+ source to turn the alternator on and off with the ignition switch.