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Adjustable Voltage boost module for GM alternators w/ 4 pin oval plug

1.00 LBS

Product Description

The Adjustable Voltage Boost Module by MechMan is a simple device that installs in secconds.  The 10" long pigtail plugs in between the alternator plug, and the vehicle's stock alternator harness.  The voltage sense wire from the AVBM model is then looped onto the positive battery cable stud on the alternator, and installation is complete! By simply turning the small adjustment screw on the AVBM, the user can easily adjust their alternator's charging votlage anywhere from 13.5 to 19.5 volts.  Suitable for use with aftermarket or OEM alternators, compatible with 12V, 14V and 16V batteries.

Part number AVBMOVAL fits most 1996 through 2004 GM AD244, AD237, CS130D, Valeo and Bosch alternators that have a non-PCM controlled 4 pin oval regulator plug on the alternator.  If your alternator plug looks like the plug refference picture, and has at least 3 pins in it, this AVBM will be suitable.  Please contact a sales associate to determine if this AVBM is comatible with your vehicle. 

NOTE: Check with your vehicle's manufcturer to determine safe maximum charging voltage.  Operating a vehicle's charging system as higher than safe voltage levels may severely damage the vehicle's battery or electrical systems.

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Easy installation allows adjustable voltage

  • Mechman adjust...
    Easy installation allows adjustable voltage

Product Reviews

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  1. From: Paul Walls Auto Audio, Very Happy Adjustable Voltage Regulator

    Posted by Paul Walls on 2nd Apr 2013

    So EASY to install even a Caveman could install it....
    I got it from the mail man, open the box, Looked at it, walked over to my Tahoe an plugged in 2 clips an 1 hot wire to the back of Alt.... DONE !!
    An started truck up an started adjusting the Volts.... In Less then 3 minutes.. I have to say, This was 1 of the Best an Easiest install I've ever done on my entire System.... More Volts in a couple of clicks !!

  2. Arrived quick

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2013

    Works just as described I'll know if it helped my voltage once my system is reinstalled.

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